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Brighton Dental Centre is an experienced implant provider and offers a free initial assessment to discuss replacement of missing teeth or dentures.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a substitute for a missing natural tooth root. It is a screw shaped or cylindrical titanium alloy fixture, which is placed into a carefully prepared socket and, over time, becomes bonded to the surrounding jawbone, by the growth of bone cells. The implant has an internal thread that allows a variety of components to be attached. These components project through the gum and act as supports for crowns, bridges or dentures.

What is the implant procedure?

Depending on your treatment plan and indications, implants can be restored immediately (single-stage) or after a pre-determined healing period (two-stage). In a single-stage procedure, the implant site is precisely prepared and the implant is inserted into the jawbone with the top of the implant extending through the gums. In a two-stage procedure, the implant site is precisely prepared and the implant is inserted into the jaw, and the implant is completely covered by the gums. The next phase includes impressions of your implant, soft tissue contouring, custom fabrication of the crown, and attachment of the crown to the implant.

CBCT scanning & panoral radiographs

In addition to panoral radiographs, we have a high-tech cone beam CT scanner, which produces 3D images of your jaw – ideal for assisting with treatment planning and complex cases.

We are now accepting referrals for CBCT scans and panoral radiographs.
Our fees are as follows:
Single area 5cmx5cm CT - £98
Double area 10cmx5cm CT - £175
Full arch CT - £195
Panoral radiograph - £49

All of our CT imaging is supplied on a memory stick with treatment-planning software.
Call 01273 716764 to arrange a scan.

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Free Consultation

Dr Adrian Moore leads the Brighton Dental Implant Centre team, and is happy to provide a short suitability assessment free of charge. If you are a suitable candidate for treatment, a full assessment and treatment planning appointment will then be required. As a general guide, a simple uncomplicated provision of a single Implant to replace one tooth, including the restoration with a Crown has a fully inclusive cost of £2050. Your own Dentist can refer you for Implant treatment here.

Dental implants are not available under the NHS.

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Where there are a lot of missing teeth, or there are areas which have particularly low bone levels, dental implants can be used for the retention of dentures. In this method dental implants are placed around the curve of the jaws with clips (usually ball ended) placed on top of them, a denture is then made with corresponding sockets to receive the clips and retain the denture tightly until removal is required. In many cases patients who have worn traditional dentures for many years have found this procedure life-changing as you will be confident that your denture will not fall out whilst talking or eating.

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Another option for the replacement of multiple missing teeth is dental implants supporting bridge work. In a 'conventional case' replacing three teeth you would have two dental implants supporting three units of bridge work, in other words supporting three fixed false teeth. The bridge work used in implant dentistry is similar to traditional bridge work and in most cases the same range of materials are available.

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In some cases, where there is limited bone, it may be necessary to undergo a small procedure in order to facilitate dental implants. One commonly used method is a Maxillary Sinus Graft or 'sinus lift'. The aim of this procedure is to give a greater volume of bone around the area of the implant to ensure good stability. This procedure involves using either synthetic bone graft material or taking small fragments of bone from elsewhere in your mouth, then placing the graft around the lining of your sinus.

We also carry out block grafting and advanced procedures such as bone ring grafting.

When an alternative bone graft material is required, we always give you an option of which material you would like to use.


We are happy to provide sedation for patients who are slightly apprehensive about dental implant treatment. A consultant anaesthetist is used for all of our sedation so that Dr Moore can concentrate solely on your dental implant treatment.